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1. Projects that involve fundraising or require volunteers to accept payment on behalf of the requesting organization, obtain silent auction items, transport people or goods, or serve alcohol are not eligible.

2. Applicants are welcome to submit applications for multiple projects.


1. The JLGC reserves the right to amend the dates, the requirements or withdraw completely the RFP at any time.

2. All proposals and accompanying documentation will become property of the JLGC and will not be returned.

3. The JLGC reserves the right to award an applicant without further discussion of the proposals submitted. Therefore, each proposal should be initially submitted on the most favorable terms that the applicant can propose.

4. The JLGC reserves the right to contact an applicant for clarification of its proposal.

5. The JLGC reserves the right to request proof of liability insurance.

6. The JLGC requests permission to take pictures within the facilities for social media and marketing purposes (abiding by your organizations written policies).

7. The JLGC may request cross promotion on social media.

8. The JLGC may request a written testimonial to be used on our website.