The Junior League of Gaston County, N.C., Inc. Is a member of an international organisation of women committed to promoting voluntarism and to improving the community through effective action and leadership of trained volunteers. It’s purpose is exclusively educational and charitable.


The Junior League of Gaston County, N.C., Inc. Will strive to build strong financial and volunteer support for the health and well-being of women and children through program development and community partnerships.


The Junior League of Gaston County impacts the community with its broad scope of volunteer support providing over 600 volunteer hours in the last year through its many projects and programs.

The focus areas of the Junior League of Gaston County include:

1 Women’s Health

2 Women in leadership

3 Substance abuse

The Junior League of Gaston County's commitment to training provides its volunteers with invaluable learning opportunities, ranging from leadership and organizational development training to community program instruction and nonprofit fundraising skills.

Through this unique curriculum, members learn how to not only manage and train volunteers, but also how to collaborate with community agencies to maximize a volunteer’s impact and thus aid a greater number of disadvantaged women and children.

Further, Junior League of Gaston County members use this training to go on to serve on the boards of nonprofit agencies and commissions, advocate on issues of public policy and organize model community programs that address need areas to build better communities.